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Goose Repellent, 32-oz. Ready to Spray

Liquid Fence

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Liquid Fence Goose Repellent repels geese, turkey and ducks from lawns, golf courses, athletic fields or any other turf area where these birds are a problem. Applications of this product makes the food supply in the application area very undesirable to geese, turkeys and ducks. Eliminating the food source changes the feeding habits of these birds and causes them to seek out a more desirable feeding location. This ready-to-spray concentrate works year-round. Attach the hose-end sprayer to your garden hose and apply Liquid Fence Goose Repellent liberally to lawns or turf during a dry period; reapply as needed. For best results, apply early in the season, prior to laying of eggs and/or nesting on property. Apply to turf only - not intended for use on ornamentals.

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