Advantages Of Prepping Your Garden This Fall

Advantages Of Prepping Your Garden This Fall

It feels like just the other day I was relaxing in the sun with my shades on while breathing in the smell of fresh flowers as the wind blew by. Now it’s officially fall and there’s no looking back. With every turn of a season comes preparation for the following to make sure everything surrounding your lawn and garden are in good shape.

There are many advantages to preparing and renovating your garden for fall. The arrival of cooler weather in the coming months is the perfect time to tackle prepping your garden. Cool weather is optimum for yard work and the growth of cool season plants. The cool weather also helps dry out any seeded areas, which leads to better germination in your plants.  Take advantage of cutting back any stems and collecting dead foliage to produce an organic soil conditioner for your garden. It will appear daunting at first, but most of the prep of putting your garden to bed is mostly a matter of cleaning up the bed and covering up those plants that need protecting from the colder elements. The last of it will be revamping or repairing the garden bed itself. To make the job of prepping your garden for fall easier, you should consider renting the garden tools and equipment you’d need.

Prepping your garden will only need to be done once a season so there’s no need to own all the tools. Buying tools is expensive and comes with long-term maintenance of the tools themselves. If you don’t know already, cleaning garden equipment and any other tools can sometimes be a nightmare. Renting is important especially if you’re considering renovating your entire garden bed.  Many gardeners should take advantage of the cooler weather to build a cold frame, dig and box in raised beds, and make general repairs if needed. This is the idea time of the year because you won’t kill yourself working in the heat and the plants and soil are easier to work with. For all these changes to your garden you’re going to need shovels, power tools to cut the wood or stone, and a trailer to help move the new plants, soil, and other relevant pieces of equipment.  

All of this doesn’t come cheap, so rent what you need to prep your garden so that your winter is manageable and so your spring gets a head start. Don’t be afraid to put in a little extra effort this season to increase your advantages in the winter and spring. With a little hard work and some creativity you will reap all of the rewards come springtime. All it takes is a visit to your local hardware rental store to grab the right equipment and the advantages of prepping your garden will be endless. 

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